Top 5 Services To Develop Mobile Version Of A Running Website


Nowadays everybody uses mobile to access sites, buy-sell and do business. When a user who is using or viewing your site through mobile, this tool and plugins will redirect to the mobile version of your site. These tools work by detecting the user agent of your site visitors, which is just fancy talk for finding out whether a visitor is using a regular web browser or a mobile web browser. One needs to assign mobile version of ones site with a sub-domain as such. e.g.

The increase in the number of mobile-internet devices is exponential worldwide so much, so that now mobile web users seek a personalized yet improved experience of mobile surfing over desktop. Google also consistently ranks websites with mobile presence higher in search. Mobile is now an important medium not only for brand activation but also for brand discovery. Since as a platform it has a small screen, limited navigational controls and slow data speeds for loading; the sites that operate them need very mobile-like optimization.


Professional Services To Develop Mobile Version Of A Running Website

1. Mobify


This is the jewel web service to develop mobile version of a running website. Mobify is a web-based platform that helps you adapt your website for mobile and tablet devices and it quickly adapt any website for mobile devices with client-side adaptation, Reduce mobile loading times by automatically resizing images and compressing JavaScript & CSS, updates happen instantaneously across all devices.

All this runs on a freemium model, but its free version is very generous inclusive of sub-domain. The paid plans start at $249 per month and include features such as the removal of the Mobify logo on your mobile site, mobile analytics for reporting site traffic stats, and so on.


2. Wirenode


Companies such as Ford, Nokia and Reebok use Wirenode, a mobile website generator that has helped more than 50,000 websites create mobile-device-friendly versions of their sites. Its free plan has a user-friendly editor for designing your mobile site, free hosting for up to three mobile sites, website statistics reporting, and more.

The paid plans start at 15 Euros per month (about $19.80 USD), with upgrades such as support for custom domains and the removal of Wirenode advertisements.


3. Onbile


Onbile promises that you can have a mobile version of your site in five minutes or less. It delivers this promise by giving you an intuitive user interface for constructing your mobile site and a custom-generated script to paste into your index page so that when mobile device users visit your site, they are redirected to the mobile version. You can select one of 13 customizable templates as a starting point for your mobile site design.



There are like four schemes. one month starting trial is free and DIY is 9$ while do-it-for-me is 389$. optimizes your desktop site for a mobile-phone interface. Mobile sites are specially made for small screens, avoid zoom for view, load faster at low speeds and work for all mobile phone-browser-OS combinations. The tool converts the site in the first few minutes for a mobile screen, then transfers the creative control to the user for further optimization.

The user can edit layout, navigation and content on the mobile version before making it live! There algorithms ensure that the final published version fits every mobile of every screen size, is compatible with all popular phone browsers/platforms, optimize loading time for slow speeds and always keep the mobile version synced with the main site.

5. Wubiquo


Wubiquo can generate and host your mobile website and keep your site in sync with your main site. They provide a device detection service so that the best possible experience is served to the requesting device. With many wonderful sites being operated by this plugin, it is quite try-able.

Wubiquo offers service to registered users only and there are various offers coming up for the users, from time to time while the price quote is not fixed and is negotiable.

 We would love to know which services you have availed yourself if you have indeed to develop mobile version of a running website or what you think of the mentioned tools?