Jotti’s Malware Scan : The All In One Online Virus Scanner


Viruses are always on the loose and affect thousands of computers worldwide daily. However, many anti-virus software exist online or in the markets that can be used to fend these viruses off. But choosing an antivirus itself is a daunting task. Some are good and effective, while others are not and leave the viruses unattended. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be exempted from this hassle and scan your files using all the notable antivirus programs? Jotti’s Malware scan will make it entirely possible for you to do so.

All In One Online Virus Scanner

All In One Online Virus Scanner

Jotti’s malware scan is an online service that will allow you to scan your files using several antivirus programs to detect any virus in those files. Besides helping the general users, this antivirus program is used by several antivirus companies to improve their virus detection accuracy. Some of those notable companies include ArcaVir, Avast, AntiVir, KasperSky among others. The complete list can be seen in the picture below.

Using this tool is extremely easy. All you have to do is upload the file that you need to scan by choosing the file and submitting it. There will be a 25mb limit that will be imposed on the file that you upload and submit.

Once you have uploaded the file, the file is sent individually to all the listen antivirus programs which then scan the file for any viruses. It will take a couple of minutes for it to get scanned by all the antiviruses. The results will be displayed as each antivirus has completed its process. See the picture below.

It is that simple. Jotti’s all in one online virus scanner makes the probability of error minimal through its multiple antivirus scan. It is worth a shot whenever you need to scan individual files in order to keep your computer safe. 🙂