Create Disposable Web Pages Without Having a Web Hosting


Internet is a great platform for promotion of particular events. Those events can be of any type. They might be religious events, national events, entertainment events, maybe some individual’s personal venture. Lets take a scenario. You have organized an entertainment event or a sports festival. You need to promote it now. Lets say, in order to promote your event, you decide to create a webpage dedicated to an interactive countdown that expires once the countdown ends. This is where the concept of having disposable web pages chimes in. These webpages remain online until a specified time and expire, once they have served their purpose. How do you create them? disposableWebPage answers that.

Create Temporary Web Pages For Promoting Events

It is the leading resource for creating temporary or disposable webpages with great ease. Once you have created your page, you can simply start filling in the content to be displayed on the page. Each page will have a countdown clock, which according to the service, will stay online for 90 days maximum, you can personalize the time to be set on the counter by creating an account. Besides a simple countdown clock, it has multiple other features and tools to offer. Here are some of them.

  • History revision to all the editing done.
  • Bookmarking facility for the visitors.
  • Allowance for uploading 5 images to the webpage.
  • A feature rich text editor.
  • Sticky notes.

These features will allow you to create a temporary countdown page to aid you in promoting any personal or public event. After all, a prelude to the bigger picture is always a great idea. More the hype, more success the event enjoys. So what are you waiting for folks? If you have any event coming up for your organization, go to disposableWebPage and promote it the right way. Cheers