How Often Should You Post on Your Blog? [Tips and Suggestions]


It’s not easy though to succeed with blogging and you require consistent effort over a period of time to see results. One of the important aspects of being successful with blogging is to post on a regular basis.

There are a number of factors which play a role in determining a blogging schedule. Several bloggers face this dilemma on how often they should post on their blog. Remember that just posting regularly may not be enough as the posts should be of high quality and offer value to the blog visitors.

Here are a few helpful tips for bloggers to decide on an ideal posting schedule:

Are daily blog posts the best?

It is a common belief in the blogging world is updated daily with fresh content which will keep a consistent flow of traffic. Several bloggers are in the habit of posting daily on their blog but most successful bloggers have understood that offering value is the most important step of being successful with blogging.

Yes, a blog with fresh content may appeal more to some blog readers but most serious blog readers subscribe to the RSS feed of a blog. They can easily get information about your latest blog updates without even visiting your blog. So, even if you only post on your blog once a week, your followers are going to know it immediately.

It is important to understand that your readers are likely to visit your blog immediately after you post new content even though it may not be on a daily basis. The only thing most blog readers look for is how interesting and valuable your content rather than the frequency of your posting.

Don’t overwhelm your blog readers

When you people subscribing to the RSS feed of your blog they may get turned off if you post too often and get regular messages about your blog updates. They may even decide to unsubscribe irrespective of the quality of your content.

So, how often should you post on your blog?

There is no definite answer to the frequency of blog posting as there are a number of factors that determine it. You should try and strike a balance and try to post enough to keep your blog fresh but not posting too regularly to annoy your RSS subscribers.

Posting on your blog will also depend on the niche you are in. Some niches have a lot of activity regularly while others may not be the same. Some niches have a lot of activity regularly while others may not be the same.

Posting quality content is more important than posting regularly. If you post regularly but your content is not interesting or valuable you may struggle to get much traffic to your blog.