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60+ Best Sites To Download FREE ebooks [Ultimate List]




PDF ebooks iconIn a world getting really fast progress in everywhere,Paper books are getting quite old , and they have a really nice alternative called eBooks.What used to be a large library and take a lot of place, can now all be available in your hands, in one gadget.

The best thing about eBooks is that instead of carrying a heavy book, you can have many in your hand. Besides, you can search the whole book for a piece of information or a title without having to keep searching for it in the index.

What can be better? well apparently, I’ve compiled a large list of sites that can let you download many of these eBooks for free ūüėÄ

Search Engines

Search engines don’t have lists or categories that lets’ you discover the eBooks. however , if you are looking for a specific book , then, these will really be some good ones.

1 – Boocu : A nice search engine that can search for PDF , DOC , XLS , PPT , RTF

2 – PDF Searcher : A PDF search engine powered by Google.

3 РBrupt : A search engine for some document files including  .doc , .ppt , .xls , .pdf

4 – PDF Search Engines : Quite the same as the previous. Powered by Google.

5 – Find PDF DOC : Search including various file types including (PDF , PPT , DOC , XLS , RTF , TXT )

6 – Q Documents : Search among millions of files of types (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, RTF and TXT )

7 – Google Books : One of Google Services to search for Books online.

8 – PrintFu : A PDF search engine with online viewer powered by Google Docs. with a download link.

9 – Too Doc : A search engine that supports( PDF , Word , Excel , TXT , PPT) , with PDF to TXT converter.

10 –PDF Stack : A search engine with online viewing supported.

11 – PDF Geni : Quite the same as the above. with online viewing support.

12 – The PDF Search Engine : A PDF search engine with Online viewing support by Google Docs.

13 – Open PDF : Yet, another PDF Search engine.

14 – Pdf Search Engine : A Search engine that supports PDF , CHM , DOC , RTF , TXT

15 – DOC Jax : Searches files of types DOC , XLS , PPT , PDF.Online viewer supported by Scribd .

16 РeBook Search Queen :Search engine thats supports files like  PDF, TXT , Doc , RTF , PPT.

17 – So PDF : Search engine with more than 435,000,000 free PDF files.Powered by Google Custom Search.

18 – File Digg : A file search engine that supports PDF , PPT , Doc ,XLS .Flash

19 – PDF – Word : Searches for PDF Only .

20 – Search-PDF-Books : Searches over 255.000.000 Free PDF eBooks.

Computer and programming

1 – Free Computer Books : Search and download thousands of free Computer, Programming eBooks.

2 – Free Tech Books : Offers free computer science, engineering and programming eBooks.

3 – certified-easy : A very large list of Programming Languages and other categories.

4 –Know Free : Search and Download Programming, Databases , and more free eBooks.

5 – BookGoldMine : Search for Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Business, and Biology.

6 – ebooks-Space : Programming, Software Development,¬† Database Design,…. and more.

7 – Books-Pdf Blog : Programming, Design and animation, Databases, science and engineering…. and more.

8 – eBooks Download Free : Programming, Graphics, SEO , Medical and Health, and some more.

9 – Tech Books For Free : Database, Networking, Programming, Linux , and more.

10 – Computer-Books : Programming and Linux.

11 – Database Books

12 – Java Books

13 – Linux Books

14 – Cad-Cam Books: Graphics and Design15 – flazx : Hardware, Database, Design, Programming and more

16 – File Beta : Computers eBooks , Magazines , Mac Apps……

17 – eBook Share : Database, Graphics, Hardware, Programming, Supports downloads as Torrents.

18 – Online Computer Books : Programming, Windows, hardware, Security … and more.

19 – Free book Centre : Most dominant categories, in addition to maths and some sciences.

Also check the Categorized List Below.

Document Sharing Service

Document sharing services are online services that let’s you share your documents online, and anybody is free to search for them as long as they are not marked as private. here are some.

1 – Scribd : A very popular Document Sharing service.

2 – Issuu : More popular for Presentations.

3 – slideshare : well known for sharing presentations and documents.


Categorized PDF sites have various categories so you can get to your book easily and discover new books you might lie.

1 – FreeBookSpot : Some supported filetypes : PDF, RTF, ePub, Lit, Lrf, Mobi, Fb2, Pdb,PDF

2 – Free-Ebooks : Preview as HTML or PDF, Download as TXT, PDF, (ePub,Mobi)VIP

3 – ManyBooks : Supports all eBook formats , in addition to QR Code support

4 – Globusz : Supports Online viewing.

5 – eBook 3000 : A large variety of categories.

6 – DOC Stoc : Supports Online viewing.

7 – eBookee : Large Collection mostly for tech and magazines.

8 – Freebook-s : Most of the collection is stories and novels.

9 – BookBoon : The larger categories are for science, maths, and computers.

10 – Biblioastic : Apparently , for online reading only.

11 – GetFreeEbooks : Almost the largest categories of all.

12 РOnline free eBooks : Manuals, and various  categories with their sub categories.

13 – MemoWare : Most of the categories are for literature and references.

14 – Free-Ebook-Download-Links blog : Mostly for programming, Maths and science.

15 – E-books Directory : Large categories with even larger sub categories.

16 – PDFoo : various categories with some videos and magazines as well.

17 – Free-ebooks-Canada : long list of various categories.

18 – e-library : Very large different categories.

19 – WitGuides : Categorized into some various categories.

20 – eBook Planet : A few categories with some sub categories.


1 – ebookdirectory : over 20,000 free eBooks.a few categories

2 – Snip Files : not much categories, but some good books over there.

3 – eSnips : Basically a file sharing service, but you can search for PDF too

4 – Library : Above 75,000 free eBooks.

PDF Readers

Foxit Reader |¬† Adobe Reader | Expert PDF Reader | PDF Reader | a few¬† more….



Facebook Advertisement vs Email Marketing – Which one to choose for your business?



Facebook Advertisement vs Email Marketing

The new growing trend of social media marketing can improve your business like Facebook became pocket television, thus people are getting it very hard to choose among the two most common ways of marketing i.e Facebook advertisement vs email marketing. After reading this article you will able to choose the best way to advertise your business, you will know that which kind of people you have to target via email marketing and Facebook advertisement.

Facebook Advertisement vs Email Marketing

Facebook Advertisement vs Email Marketing are the two leading ways used by businesses to promote their products and to increase their sales. below are the benefits of both Facebook advertisement and email marketing, which will help you to select the best way to advertise.

Facebook Advertisement vs Email Marketing

Benefits of advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media websites on the internet. Facebook is the second most visited website on the Internet behind Google.

Almost 1.4 billion individuals use Facebook to connect with what matters to them and more than 900 million visits every day. When you run a Facebook Advert, you can choose the audiences that can see it by location, age, interests and more.

With Facebook Adverts, you can choose the type of audiences you want to reach and Facebook delivers your adverts to them. Facebook makes your adverts more important for the people who see them, and it brings you real results.

You can grow customer loyalty through a Facebook fan page. Many kinds of businesses have created Facebook fan pages that users can join easily. These fan pages allow your business to interact directly with your customers so that you can shape loyalty and brand image.

You can offer special promotions through your Facebook fan page. You can use your Facebook Fan page as a platform for your new products promotion or advertisement campaign. Updates on new product launches keep your customers more knowledgeable that what products or services you offer.

Facebook facilitates multiple advertisement views. Your advertisement needs many views by an individual. A large number of Facebook users visit the site several times a day.

Choose between Cost per click (CPC) and Cost-per-Thousand Impression (CPM) pay structures. Facebook allows you to purchase advertisement space based on clicks or impression fee structure. This allows you to tailor your ad campaign based on budget and other preferences.

A great benefit of Facebook advertisement to your business is an ability to reach smartphone users. Facebook is used via smartphones worldwide every single day. This means your target is not only the people who use computers, your advertisement will reach to every individual who is using the smartphone.

Smartphones are now part of our lives, people use Smartphones and tablets to discover, communicate and shop.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is applied by thousands of businesses across the globe. Those who are unaware of this method of advertising cannot immediately understand why it is so popular amongst organizations in a variety of industries but here are some reasons why email marketing is seen by many as a vital marketing tool.

  1. Email marketing allows you to reach millions of customers with a click of a button. Compared to other forms of marketing or advertising, the cost of an email marketing campaign is low. You do not have to pay printing or mailing costs. Most likely, you will have to pay for a company to send your Emails, which protects your business against spam complaints, but this is a small monthly charge.
  2. Email marketing increases your sales because you are able to contact so many former customers at a time via email, you will be able to increase interest in your products which often results in increased sales. While there is no way to tell exactly how much you will be able to increase profits, it is safe to say that your mailing will generate at least some more sales.
  3. Email marketing is one of the only networks that consumers ask to receive. The majority of businesses using the platform only send messages to those people who have signed up to receive them. By email marketing business is only targeting those who already interested in their brand. It is, of course, possible to send unsolicited email marketing messages, but this is only likely to irritate consumers and result in a damaged brand image.


After comparisons of both Facebook advertisement vs Email marketing, we can conclude that it depends on your business, if your business is not limited to a group of specific audience or organizations, you should advertise on Facebook because your advertisement can reach to everyone while the email marketing is used when you have a list of interested audience.

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Top 12 Websites To Get FREE Icons With Source Files




get icons with source files

Icons are used to make your business websites, website design, info-graphics, web applications and desktops to stand out. They could also be useful to spice up your social media images, to exhibit information on the slideshows, to enhance your business looks and stationery, to illuminate up your menus, or to make your flyer stand out. Below is the list of top 12 websites where you can get free icons with source files.

Get Free Icons With Source Files

The list below contains the best of 12 websites where you can get free icons. Using free products which are as amazing as premium products is just great fun. But even if an icon is for free, that doesn’t mean that you can claim it and use it according to your wish. Some free Icons also require attribution so; it is important to¬†check it before you use.

Smashing Magazine

Get FREE Icons With Source Files

Smashing Magazine is one of best resources to get free icons for source files built-in. There are wide-ranging, high quality, exclusive icons sets. Icons on this website have a variety of different formats that includes SVG, PSD, PNG, etc., but it is important to keep attribution requirements in mind because most sets of icons available on this website do not require a link back.


get FREE Icons with source file

Freepik is one of the best websites where you can get free icons with source files built-in. They provide a lot more than just icons. You can find plenty of beautiful icons on their site because as the name suggests, all the icons here are for free. It does not forget the required attribution for the icons.


get icons with source files

If you have been looking for flat style icons for free, FlatIcon is an awesome online resource. With about 70 thousand of icons on their site, they provide the largest collection of free vector icons with built-in source files on the web.


get icons with source files


Pixden¬†is the best for you if you’re searching for free icons in multiple sizes. Pixeden offers a wide range of icons from 16 x 16 to 512 x 512. Their Icons are multiple formats supported.


get icons with source files

Iconmonstr is a great online resource where you get free icons with source files built-in. Their Icons are of simple design and are also available in multiple sizes because icons found on Iconmonstrs do not require any attribution.


get icons with source files

NounProject is the web, featured with amazing search and easy to download functionality. They are high-quality icons which are totally free. You can also get unlimited royalty-free icons easily on the monthly membership.


get icons with source files

If you’re looking to get free icons with source files built-in, then you should check out GraphicBurger. This site includes direct download options, and their¬†icons are in multiple file formats and icon dimensions supported.

Captain Icon

get icons with source files

Beautiful vector-based free icons are available in different formats such as EPS, PNG, PSD, SVG, etc. on Captain Icon and it also provides different Web Fonts option. Their colors and sizes are customizable. These icons can be used for both personal and commercial projects, and that is why Caption Icon requires attribution on their icons.


get icons with source files

If you need an icon for projects of any size, then Gravual is the right choice for you. These icons are perfect for personal use of any size, and they are available in two sets:

 1- Kitchen tools

2- The great outdoors.

But if you want to use these icons for commercial projects, make sure to check out attribution requirement.

Web Design Dev

get icons with source files

Web Design Dev provides content related to the topic of web design and great tutorials. They also offer a huge resource page of free PSD files, images, mock-ups and everything else that you want on the free design services.

Web Designer Depot

get icons with source files

Web Designer Depot has been established as a great site where you can get free icons with source file built-in for web designing projects. Their icons have everything from vector files, icons to mockups and backgrounds.

Squid Ink

get icons with source files

Squid Ink provide two thousand vector-based icons that are colorful, scalable and creative (For free). On this web, you can have the access up to 50 icons that you can use for unlimited commercial and personal projects.


Saving your time and money on any project is always important, no matter what type of designer you are. These are only 12 websites where you can find some great money and time-saving icons, but if you look around, you are surely going to find out plenty of other websites as well.
If you people have tried any resources I’ve¬†mentioned above and they have been useful so, share it with your fellows as well.

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Top 5 Websites To Get SEO Courses Online for FREE




Get SEO Courses Online for FREE

Nowadays if you want to manage or operate a website then it is important to learn about SEO. No matter how good you are as a developer, but after creating a website the most difficult objective is to keep your site up-ranked to get more traffic on it, this is where SEO courses usually come handy. Below is the list of the best websites where you can get SEO courses online for free.

Where To Get SEO Courses Online For Free

The most important thing while searching SEO online courses for free, is to learn that you do not have to believe everything that comes across your way, this is mainly the reason that I have to put together this list of SEO online courses that you could do it for free. Because they really do work and are helpful to get you a Free SEO Online course.

MozGet SEO Courses Online for FREE

Moz is one of the best resources you could get, to do free online SEO courses. It’s a beginner SEO course, which includes 5 lectures comprising of 51 minutes of educational content. This site is also supported on Android, iPhone, iPad and many of the different browsers. They also do provide you course certificate after its completion.


Get SEO Courses Online for FREE

If you are planning to get SEO course online for free, by studying yourself, then KKSmart website would be the perfect solution for you. It also teaches you about what are the SEO tricks so that you can learn how to take your website among Top Google ranked websites. If you are looking to hire someone for your SEO problems so, KKSmart also provides you a video tutorial that will help you to select the right person for your SEO.


Get SEO Courses Online for FREE

ClickeMinded is a self-paced SEO learning site where you can learn up to 66 courses and 5 hours of content classes. This site both offers premium and free online courses in which, their premium course includes 30 days money back guarantee. This site supports multiple browsers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well. They also provide completion certificates.

SEO Book

Get SEO Courses Online for FREE

SEO book is a top-ranked resource website from where you can easily get SEO courses online for free, it includes over 100 training modules. It has been the well known and is used as a reference website all over the web and is currently being used as the material for authorized college courses in internet marketing. It is one of the leading SEO community forums where you can directly interact with some of the sharpest minds and can get all your questions answered.

Search Engine Land

Get SEO Courses Online for FREE

Search Engine Land was created by Danny Sullivan who is perhaps one of the most recognized face and name in SEO technologist. Danny is frequently on the edge of the latest developments in search. On his website, there are loads of blogs written about SEO and its techniques that you can read. The blogs on this site will help you to learn everything regarding SEO and its techniques easily and for free that will save your time and money that you may spend on long SEO courses.


Everyone who operates or owns a website for his business it is important for him to master some of the important skills of SEO. If you are able to master those skill then you can make your website a top-ranked site, it would as easy as a piece of cake. The websites mentioned above worth a look. If they are of any help to you, let me know through the comments below.

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