Beoo: Free Online Service To Find Local Guides Before You Travel


If you are planning to go on vacations to a foreign place but do not have any idea about the routes, hotels or special places to visits then you don’t have to worry about that any more as has created a unique platform for travelers and local guides.

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At everyone can be a local tour guide. You can also add your travel plan on and share it with others. It’s easy to join and it’s free. Except all these amazing facts there are also free tips and promotions for purchasing low cost air tickets and renting a cheap hotel or finding a rental car, all things which are needed while you are traveling.

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If you’re a traveler and wanting to know any guide or rental services in the country which you are visiting then Beoo will help you finding the local guides of that country.

The interesting thing about Beoo is, sometimes you can also find a guide offering his or her services absolutely free you only have to pay him or her the charges of the accommodation, food and traveling.