SearchGBY – Search Google, Bing & Yahoo from One Page


Almost everyone of us can be found searching on web most of the time. With so many information on web, we need faster, more accurate and best matched information fetched from all over the web in least possible time. To make this task little possible, SearchGBY is developed. A small Firefox addon that once installed can merge three major search engines in one page for you. SearchGBY works on normal Google Search Page but separates the page into three major sections and adds some cool additional functionalities to it.

The usage is pretty simple, all you need is to install the addon and restart your Firefox.

The addon places itself in right bottom of the firefox’s status bar and can be activated and deactivated by one click from there.

SearchGBY Activate Deactivate

You can search like you do normally on but you’ll notice a bar on top of search results. You can turn off any search engine you want to skip results from and turn it back on from the same toolbar.

SearchGBY Main Search Results Page

SearchGBY also generates thumbnails of the sites fetched in the search terms. Fast Preview lets you quickly see, what’s inside the site before you click it. Click on the fast preview from the small toolbar and it’ll play a slideshow of all the thumbnails of the sites on the search page.

SearchGBY Fast Preview
You can additionally save your bookmarks online if you create a free account on To bookmark a site, just click the small bookmark icon on extreme right of the toolbar and it’ll be saved instantly in your account online.

You can also search directly on if you don’t want to install the addon. Click here to see how TipsoTricks is looking with results from 3 search engines in one page.

In short SearchGBY is an extremely good effort to make the web searching a little more easier by bringing the results from major search engines in one view. However the fast preview feature has already been implemented in all these search engines but you need to click on the preview icon to view the thumbnail, but with SearchGBY this has been done automatically without a need to click that preview icon.

Click here to download SearchGBY for your Firefox