ShowDocument: FREE Synchronized Web Meeting and Document Editing


ShowDocument is a quick and simple way to share a document with several people at the same time. It is a very useful service for sharing of your data, as the name suggests showdocument  (show your documents to all). You can upload your documents by showdocument and you can allow other to access and comment on your documents.

ShowDocument is very useful in situations where team work is needed, users can invite friends to join the session and view the uploaded document together. It supports multiple file types, including PDFs, Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft Powerpoint Documents, and text files. When you have a number of people all working on the same document you will actually see everyone cursor as they move it, with their name under it.   It’s also possible to upload new files while you are talking to people and get people working on multiple documents.

Good thing is – it’s completely free, there are no paid subscription plans. Files up to 2MB in size can be uploaded, which should be more than enough for the majority of office documents and documents can be marked up using a pen or highlighter tool. A chat applet is included to discuss changes, and everyone’s cursor is tracked as it moves around.

You don’t even need to create an account to use this application; it’s just a matter of uploading your file and starting work on it.

Why someone use ShowDocument?

ShowDocument is a very useful app which many people might benefit from using. It’s ideal for anyone that needs to collaborate with someone in realtime. This makes it not only ideal for business use, but it’s also a fantastic site for working on school projects. Any sort of project that requires input from multiple people, who are often difficult to tie down will benefit from using ShowDocument. It’s possible to upload virtually any type of office document, including DOC and PDF to work on them together.

Prominent Features:
* Completely free platform for collaborating on documents
* No account required
* Simple to invite other people to join the discussion
* Easy to use functions make it easy for anyone to comment on the document
* Work can be saved into PDF format so that changes can be made