Partition Master – Best Freeware Disk Partitioning Utility [REVIEW]


System owners with small hard drive once in their in life always come to a point where they feel the need of more space in their hard drive specially in the partition where the operating system is installed. For those who don’t know anything about partitioning the hard drive let me tell them about disk partitioning tool.

A disk Partitioning utility helps in creating, removing, copying and merging partitions of a hard drive without moving a single bit of data. No re installation of operation system. No backup required. These tools are capable of creating new partitions out of free space without effecting the current integrity of the system and OS installed.

The default Disk Management Tools in Windows is good but very limited in terms of functionalities. For more advanced options and more freedom over disk management you need a tool specially designed for this purpose.

I’ve personally used a lot of disk management tools including the all-time famous partition magic, but amazingly a freeware impressed me so much that I preferred that over dozens of professional (paid) tools. EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is that FREE all in one partition solution and disk management utility that takes cares of all disk management stuff alone.

EASUES Partition Master Home Edition- screenshot
EASUES Partition Master is very effective, quick in performance, smaller in size but extremely powerful utility. With native Windows XP styled user interface it becomes so easy to adapt and learn the the options in few minutes and you never have to consult the help file. You can extend the partitions, manage disk space, and settle low disk space problems. It’s visually aided slider is the best feature of all. Just right click the drive, choose “Resize/Move” and visually see the occupied and free space. And to resize the space, move the slider to adjust the space and see the difference changing in visual pie chart. You can also manually add the value for more precise resizing.

EASUES Partition Master - Resize Drive
The resizing, merging, moving process is speedy compared to other similar tools and to make things more convenient and interesting, the changes can be seen without a system reboot!

EASUES Partition Master has built-in tools for disk defragmentation and permanent data wiping. Additionally it supports:

  • Flash drives and memory cards
  • Drives upto 1.5 TB in size
  • Multiple drives type; SATA, IDE, Firewire, and SCSI.
  • Linux and all version of Windows (both 32 & 64 bit)

After using the tool personally I must say to stop your search for best disk partitioning tools and forget about buying any professional tool. Try it once and I’m sure you’ll like every bit of it. Although the interface is little on the dull side but the easy-to-use comprehensive set of options and overall user experience make this freeware one of the best partitioning utilities on web.

Download EASUES Partition Master – Home Edition (filesize: 8.94MB)

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