IDrive: Get FREE 12 GB Space for Online Data Backup


I recently switched my Online Data Backup service to IDrive and I must say that it has really impressed me alot. The service is very fast and offers a decent desktop client and an explorer plugin for quick file/folders backup.

You can easily configure scheduled backups, manage bandwidth use, perform fast restores and backup data on mapped drives.

IDrive Standout Features:

* Keeps deleted files for 30 days
* Can backup file changes as often as every 10 minutes (real time backup)
* Saves up to 30 versions of a file (file versions)
* Can manage multiple accounts through a single account
* Has a bandwidth throttle for controlling bandwidth usage (auto-controlled upload/download speed)

This service is extremely easy to use and provides backup scheduling by the day, week, time and month. It provides continuous backup and can be configured to backup changes in files as often as every 10 minutes. IDrive can also backup mapped drives such as from external drives that are connected to your computer. You can even restore from a specific time frame and not just from the most recent backup.

IDrive offers a pretty decent pricing structure for their Personal Use and Pro for Business packages. IDrive also provides a 2GB account for free. You can store up to 2 GB of data in the free account and try out all the features of IDrive but you can avail an extra 10 GB of space absolutely FREE just by referring your email contacts.

To get the additional free space:

1. Sign in to go to upgrade account.
2. Click Refer IDrive to your friends.
3. Give any of your email address and password to IDrive (which is absolutely secure). Make sure you have more than 5 contacts in your contact list of that email address.
4. You’ll immediately get the additional 10 GB of free space. For the confirmation you’ll receive an email.

Enjoy your huge FREE 12 GB (2+10GB) of online backup account!

Get your free backup space now on

Looking forward for your feedback on this. Which backup service do you use and does that offer this much space for FREE?