Top 3 Free Files Hosting Services with Hot Linking Support


A file hosting service is on online service that offers space to store your files and important data online. People usually use these services to store their important data as an online backup while some use to host their files online to get a public link of their files to share directly with their friends.

Almost all of these files hosting services are free and offers gig’s of free space as free package to store files but only problem with these free services is they do not offer direct linking to our files. Direct linking also known as hot linking is a direct link to a file hosted online that can be accessed or downloaded with a single click without a need to open a webpage.


For most of files hosting services direct linking is only available when you pay and upgrade to a pro account that offers this. But some are still there that offers hot linking free of any cost to their free package users. I reviewed many of those free services with hot linking feature but found only 3 best of all that not only offers fast service and quick response but also have huge storage space and bandwidth limit.


The Best online free hosting services of all. The reason is it’s easy to use web interface, 2GB of huge storing space , huge bandwidth limit (10 GB) and off course files hot linking. You can share files up to 150 MB. In its web file manager you can edit or share your files or create photo albums by creating a group collaboration. (See all features)

Hosting Space: 2 GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10 GB /month
File size Limit: 150 MB

UPDATE: has been shut down.


Another free file host that allowed most of the file extensions to be uploaded and shared whilst allowing direct linking. You can upload multiple files at once through java uploader and manage your files in multiple folders. After uploading you can edit any file online or just right click for properties to get it’s direct link.

Hosting Space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 5 GB /month
File size limit: 1 GB


Opendrive offers a good 5 GB of free space to store your documents. Best thing about opendrive is that you can synchronize your documents between your PC and opendrive account through it’s desktop client. You can hotlink any file you have in your online account or can instantly share your files or specific folders to your friends having an open drive account.

Hosting Space: 5 GB
Bandwidth: 1 GB /day
File size limit: unknown