Send/Receive Facebook Status Updates via Mobile Phone (SMS) in Pakistan


As you know with Pring you can connect your facebook and twitter accounts to send and/or receive updates from both the services.

Facebook is already offering mobile usage in which you can update your status through your mobile phone via simple SMS. You can also get free SMS alerts whenever any of your friends updates his/her status on facebook. Although sending sms to facebook to it’s international number charges you a little amount but this was solved for Pakistani mobile users by Mobi2Tweet, and now by Pring.

Pring is not only fast but also more convenient to use. With pring whenever you update your followers on it, your updates will go to facebook account as well. Or you can say whenever you update your facebook account your followers on Pring will see your update too. To know more about Pring, read here.

Learn how to Send/Receive Twitter Updates via SMS with Pring

If you haven’t subscribed to Pring yet, It is required to register yourself first there. You can also register from your mobile phone, but in order to receive updates from Facebook, you need to login to Pring’s website to allow pring to access your Facebook account.

1. Login to

2. Go to Settings>Network

3. Click the “Connect with Facebook” button.

4. You’ll be redirected to you facebook profile where Pring will ask you to allow access to your facebook account. Click all “Allows” and you’ll be back to your pring’s profile page.

That’s it! from then on you’ll see all updates/messages from your cell phone will go to go to facebook and updates from your friends on facebook will be sent as text messages to your cell phone from where you can reply them too via sms.

After connecting you can do two things:

1. Receive Facebook friends’ updates on Pring (from both web and cell)

2. Set Facebook status update via web or cell.

If you go to your Pring’s Settings>Network page again, you’ll see two options:

- Full Facebook Synchronization

In the Full Synchronization mode. Any update you do on Pring will be reflected on your Facebook account as a status update.
This means whenever you send a message/update to pring, will be automatically be sent as status update to your Facebook profile.

- Selective Facebook Synchronization

In this mode you will need to add @fb before any update to make it appear on facebook. So if you have this option enabled updates without @fb will not become your Facebook status. So updates with @fb either from Pring will become your facebook status while those which do not start with @fb will only set on Pring.

To turn this thing off, go to Pring Settings>Network again, and click “Disconnect” button to turn off twitter connection.

Learn how to Send/Receive Twitter Updates via SMS with Pring