A Revolving 3D Widget to Show Visitors on your Site


While browsing some blogs last night I landed on a blog with a beautiful 3D visitors’ stats widget embedded in the footer. On clicking the widget I was redirected to its site named RevolverMaps.com

This attractive widget once embedded in a site, shows all the recent visitors in real time on 3D Globe which can be rotated with the mouse.

Revolver Maps are actually interactive visitor globes rendered by the 3D Revolver Engine.

See the Preview to check the widget:

Use the buttons or drag to navigate.

Every visitor leaves an eternal dot on the globe, recent visitors are tagged by the labels showing flag, city and state. You can also check out the simpler Live Traffic Feed Widget to see real time visitors of your blog.

The widget is available in a Flash version and required Flash to be installed on the visitor’ machine to be viewed. But an alternative Java version of the widget is also there which loads java applet and then shows the widget in the browser.

So if you want to install this amazing stats widget in your blog or site, visit: RevolverMaps.com