Track Your Email – Know When it is Read, Re-read or Forwarded


Whatever happened to that email you sent? How long did it sit in someone’s inbox before it was opened? Or maybe they never got it? Was it even opened at all?

E-mail tracking is useful when a sender wants to know above questions.

DidTheyReadIt lets you know when email you’ve sent gets read. DidTheyReadIt is the most powerful and reliable email tracking service. In short – DidTheyReadIt tells you when email you sent gets read / re-opened / forwarded.

Using DidTheyReadIt is remarkably easy. All it takes is 2 simple steps. DidTheyReadIt is 100% compatible with Windows and Mac, and all different e-mail clients.

There are two ways you can send tracked emails:

1. Simply add: to the end of your recipients email address (they won’t see this)

For example, if you were sending an e-mail to you’d just send it to instead, and your e-mail will be tracked; would not see that you added to his e-mail address.

2. Or you can install Browsers plugin to add the tracking for your Web Email (Live Mail, Yahoo) or install Plugins for Dekstop email clients.

When the recipient gets the e-mail, it looks the same as any other e-mail that you send them. The instant they read the message, you will get an e-mail telling you that your message was read. It will contain the following information:

* When the message was read.
* Where (geographically—approximately) the message was read.

When they have finished reading the message, you will receive a more detailed report, which will also indicate how long they read the message for.

Each time the message is re-opened, even by a different person, you will be alerted. This means that if the recipient forwards your message, you will know. (You’ll even know where the recipient is located, geographically).

Visit this demo tracking page to see how DidTheyReadIt tracks your sent emails.

See complete instructions on how DidTheyReadIt works.