Find Font’s Name From an Image


smart font recognition systemFew days ago I was searching for a specific font that I once used to make a banner for one of my websites. I had lost the font from my system and all I had was that (.jpg) banner. I searched and I found it extremely time consuming to search and preview manually all the fonts from hundreds of fonts websites over internet for the one that I want and never found it .

While searching I landed on a really cool website “What the Font?!” with a smart font recognition system, means that you can upload any picture with the font you want to search and the website’s database matches your font (in your pic) with the fonts in its database.

1. Open WhatTheFont?!

2. To search the name of the font, upload the image having the font and click “Upload Image”.

3. You’ll be taken to next page, where image recognition system does its job, recognizing and separating each character from the image and displaying in the text box in front of each character.

Font Recognition system Character breaking and selection

If any character is ignored or not recognized, you may insert the character manually in the boxes to get more accurate results.

4. Click Search button in the bottom of the page, to proceed to next step, where all the relevant fonts are displayed.

Move the browser’s scroll bar, to move your image over the searched fonts previews for matching.

Relevant font matching by font recognition system

5. Click the Font’s title which you think is the most relevant. On the next screen you have the option to buy the font since none of the fonts are available free to download! 🙂

Just note the font’s name in case if you don’t want to spend your money, and open UrbanFonts to search and download fonts from its huge collection for FREE!!