MP3 searches made easy


mp3search-logoYou must have done mp3 searching and people unlucky like me who often search for mp3s, could not find their favorite songs immediately and they find searching difficult sometimes for their favorite songs to download.

It even takes time in “Google search” to find the right track the you are looking for, even if you add quotations marks around or “.mp3” in the end of the track’s name.

Yesterday I found a wonderful site that helps in searching a “direct link” of your desired song in no time! is the site that I’m talking about.
Its neither a site that has a huge mp3 songs database..nor it is a search engine.

Now You must be wondering.. that what type of site is this then?? simply uses “Google” search to search songs but with little “Googling commands” with the song name you typed for search.

All you have to do is to just type in the title of a track with the artist’s name, you are searching for and leave the rest of the work for the site. 🙂

Unlike the searches in the search engines it does not show you the list of the sites which have your song… deep searches and looks only for the direct links of the track that you are looking for, by going into the pages’ indexes of the site.
In search results, open any site or ftp that you think is the most appropriate and from the list, Click the song that you were looking for.. and voila! .. Downloading starts automatically 😀
Probably the quickest way to search and download songs!!

Although there are hundreds of songs sites that let you download mp3s for free!
But I found this site bit helpful and more impressive!

If you know a better or smoother way to search and download mp3s, do share with me. 🙂

UPDATE:I've found another great site to search MP3s, Read HERE