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Best Facebook and Twitter Apps For Windows 8


All versions of Windows 8 come with the built-in People app which lets you post on Facebook and Tweet. All updates can be read and even your address book is synced from your various social networking accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype. All this is great and you can… Read more »

How To Auto Translate Tweets Into Multiple Languages

What if you tweet in English and some of your followers do not understand it? You can see on Twitter that many people do not know English and communicate only in their native language like Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, Chinese etc. In that situation, if you tweet something then they will… Read more »

Increase Twitter Followers and Youtube Video Views with Twiends

Twitter and YouTube are big giants of internet and almost everyone on internet use these websites. Twitter is a social networking website where people follow you and you follow other people in order to stay connected. Every-time you update your status your followers get an update too. But getting Twitter… Read more »

Tweets+1 : Chrome Extension To Add Google+1 Button in Twitter Tweets

Google+1 buttons are really popular now and it’s a great way to share the content with others, specially when Google+1 is an important part of the Google Plus profile. But officially, Google+1 buttons are available only for the blogs and websites. Read: How To Add/Install Google +1 Button in WordPress… Read more »

6 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

Drive Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is more than a social networking site as this also serves as a microblogging platform, which aids in promoting your business online like ever before. To see results of being promoted online, your twitter account on the foremost should receive more traffic. You can always convert this traffic as… Read more »

Screenr: Web-Based Instant Screen Recorder for Twitter

Ever though of sharing your own screencast to twitter followers? If yes then you must be thinking of recording videos with heavy screen recording software, saving, edit, compressing it so that you can upload it on web, then uploading it on a server, making a short link to tweet it… Read more »

TweetElity: Unfollow Those Who Are Not Following You Back at Twitter

By default there’s no option at twitter to know how many, among the people that you’re following, are following you back. At twitter you never know that the person you’re following will follow you back or not.  Chances are always very low for this. But if you go on following… Read more »

How to Send Automatic DM to Your Twitter Followers

If you are at twitter and follow people often then you must have seen those DM’s (direct messages) from the person that you followed. Ever wondered how they send it as soon as you follow them? Well this is because of the third party service that the person is using… Read more » : New Twitter Share Button with Delicious and Support

Need a quick and easy way to share links and comments with your online twitter followers? Start using the new button. With’s browser’s bookmarklet it takes just seconds to send your favorite pages to Twitter, Delicious, and without leaving the page you are on. There’s already a… Read more »

Easiest Way to Add Floating Twitter “Follow Me” Badge in Your Site/Blog

Twitter has proven itself to be a great communication channel with your site visitors. Twitter “Follow” Badge for your site/blog calls your users to start following your twitter account. This badge can be installed almost in any site or blog. To install it to any site (including Blogger .com blogs),… Read more »

4 Ways To Tweet Your Blog Posts Automatically [RSS to Twitter]

Twitter can help you to drive a good amount of visitors to your blog if you have numbers of genuine followers. Twitter Power users attract thousands of visits from their followers just from twitter. You can share your articles manually to twitter’s home page or by installing a twitter share… Read more »

Install Digg, Retweet, Facebook Share & Yahoo! Buzz Sharing Buttons in Blog Posts (Blogger)

Social bookmarking widgets in your blog posts are a quick way to share your articles on social bookmarking sites, that can get traffic and popularity to your blog posts. The best place to install bookmarking buttons is below the post where readers can submit the article easily if they like… Read more »

How to Send/Recieve Twitter updates via Mobile Phone (SMS) in Pakistan

If you are in Pakistan and know about Pring – Mobile Social Network in Pakistan, then let me tell you first that service is getting popular everyday despite being still in beta mode. Since I’ve already reviewed Pring, you can read more about Pring here. The best thing about Pring… Read more »

Update Twitter and Facebook Status via SMS in Pakistan

Feeling bored or just have to share something with your friends on Facebook or Twitter? It’s now as simple as sending a text message and hitting send. mobi2weet is probably the best and fastest service that brings the power of mobile twitter and Facebook use to the mainstream for Pakistani… Read more »

3 Services To Share Graffiti on Twitter

There are many services to share pics and videos on twitter but there are few that offer hand-drawn pics and graffiti to be shared on twitter. You can off course use any third party image hosting service to share your pics but why do that when there are already dozens… Read more »

Automatically Tweet Your Facebook Page Updates

A Facebook Page is a public profile that enables you to share your business, products or website with Facebook users. When your fans interact with your Facebook Page, stories linking to your Page can go to their friends via News Feed. As these friends interact with your Page, News Feed… Read more »

Tweet your Diggs Automatically

Love to Digg? and also care to tweet your diggs at the same time to your twitter followers? Then try Twiggit – an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you’re digging. Login with your Twitter account in Twiggit and add your Digg account in your… Read more »

Twitter + Mixx = Tweetmixx!

This evening I received an email from mixx announcing the launch of their new service Tweemixx. Powered by Mixx – Tweetmixx is a a Blend of Twitter and Mixx in one interface. You get all the top, trending and hot topics from both the twitter and mixx in one dashboard…. Read more »

Check Your Twitter Ranking by Twitter Grader

Do you know that you can grade your twitter account and get a score out of 100?If no, then you can grade your twitter account and check where you stand in the huge twitterverse. Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter… Read more »

Add Tweet button with Tweets Count in Your Blog Posts

When it comes to sharing something quickly to the world, Twitter comes in mind immediately. Its one of top places over internet where people share anything they want in just few clicks. If you want your blog’s articles to be shared and viewed instantly by world, you can install a… Read more »

Add Twitter Submit-button to Blogger Blog

Twitter is no doubt becoming a very efficient and a quicker way to share thoughts, information, links, news or favorites over internet. Beside this, most of the people specially bloggers are continuously spamming twitter with their blog links, to drive traffic to their sites. Although it is already included in… Read more »

Press One Button & Start Getting 1000’s of Twitter Followers !!

Twitter is no doubt one of the top social networking sites and getting on top in micro blogging service that allows us send and read our friends’ updates or tweets. Following other people in any social site is as easy as eating cake :p.But it looks really bad when you… Read more »

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