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How To Make Your Blogger Blog Mobile Friendly [Mobile Template]

Because of so many readers on mobile phones in today’s modern world, it’s equally important for a webmaster and blogger to make his/her blog mobile friendly so that readers and followers with mobile phone should get smaller and lighter version of the site without slowing down the load time on… Read more »

How To Create Ebook Of Blogger/WordPress Blog [FREE]

Here is cool online app to convert your blog and its articles in a cool looking ebook that you may give to your readers, friends or anyone who wish to read your written articles offline. So here is the way to convert your blogger or wordpress blog in a (pdf)… Read more »

Install/Add Advanced Random Posts Widget in Blogger Blog

Random Posts Widgets for blogger/blogspot blog show posts from your blog randomly. This is one of the tactics to keep readers interest alive in your blog and it’s content. Plus this widget helps in shuffling the articles from different labels of your blogger blog. This new gadget is an advanced… Read more » Introduced Popular Posts and Blog Stats Gadgets finally introduced two new exciting gadgets  – Popular Posts and Blog’s Stats. Both the gadgets can be added straight from gadget directory  by simply clicking “Add a gadget” from page elements page. The Popular Posts gadget will automatically find and display your blog’s posts that have the most pageviews. … Read more »

Roundup: Best of Blogger/Blogspot Articles

This post is dedicated to all the bloggers who blog at blogspot/ platform. This article includes all the best topics and how-to’s that I’ve written so far at TipsoTricks. Hope you’ll find something helpful from these topics for your blogger blog. I’d love to hear your comments on this and… Read more »

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress in Just 6 Steps [Ultimate Guide]

Setting up a blog at looks much easier and convenient to new bloggers at beginning. The biggest reason for that is it’s FREE and extremely easy to learn and blog. I too started with blogger and had no idea about self-hosted wordpress blogs at that time.I thought would… Read more »

8 Reasons that make Blogger Blogs better than WordPress

After facing so many difficulties and damaging my site, I had a very tough time at initial stages after moving to WordPress. At one stage I thought I took the wrong decision but soon I realized that the mistakes I did are pretty much recoverable – and see It’s working… Read more »

11 Reasons Why a Self-hosted WordPress Blog is Better than a Blogger Blog

I recently shifted my blog to WordPress from Blogger. So I’m still new to blogging experience with WordPress. But in these few days that I spent with my new WordPress blog I learned so much about “blogging freedom” and true customizablilty. Although just like blogger, WordPress also offers free… Read more »

How to install DISQUS Comments on Blogger Blog

When I started using Disqus back in 2008, It was quite complicated to install DIQUS commenting system in a blogger blog that I used to create a website. You had to download your blog’s backup and upload it to disqus, disqus patched it (to install the new comment system) and… Read more »

Blogger Update: New Default Sharing Buttons

Blogger has recently introduced the sharing buttons for buzz, twitter and facebook plus an email button. Now you don’t need to open up the template’s code, install any script or widget at all. The new buttons can now be installed by going to the Design > Page Elements page of… Read more »

13 High Quality Magazine Style Blogger Templates [Part 2]

Magazine Templates are getting really popular among bloggers and most of the template designers are now focusing more on the magazine layout of blogs themes because of the high demand. Magazine Style template are not only stylish in design but also add a professional look to your blog. All the… Read more »

Add Google Buzz Share Button with Counter in Your Blog/Site

With the increasing trend of Google buzz, developers are coming up with new sharing services to support the Buzz users community. RebuzzThis is probably the first of its kind service that allow webmasters to embed a Google Buzz reshare button in their sites or blogs with a counter. Previously I… Read more » : Official Template Designer Released

The developers at finally realized the need to upgrade or add some new themes to those extremely boring default collection of themes and released new Template Designer embedded in interface. It’s been just 2 months that I discussed and shared some third party Blogger blogs template generators. With… Read more »

10+ FREE Premium High Quality Magazine Style Blogger Templates [Part 1]

Most of the Bloggers now insist on Magazine Style Templates for their blogs. Magazine Style templates are usually popular because of their wider view and more number of posts and gadgets in one page so that you can show most of the gadgets and posts in one view for your… Read more »

Top 3 Alternatives to Default Blogger Blog Comment Form

After introducing embedded comment form in their Blogs very late by, bloggers found some alternatives to that simple default comment form. Still most of the blogger users do not prefer that default comment form and replace it with other third party comment form that can easily replace the default… Read more »

How to Insert/Embed Flash Video (swf,flv) in Blog Posts (Blogger)

If you see a video that you want to insert in your blog post then you just copy the HTML code given with the video to embed in a web page. But what to do when we want to embed a flash video(.swf)? No HTML code is given with a… Read more »

Implement Adsense Revenue-Sharing in Multi-Author Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

If you have multiple authors on your blog then you can share the earnings exactly on the individual’s percentage of the actual adsense revenue generated from articles that they have written. Revenue sharing program on a blog, lets all the authors to put their own adsense ads inside the articles… Read more »

Add Google Buzz Share Button in Blogger Blog Posts

Google Buzz is becoming a new trend of social networking and sharing things online. All the Bloggers have included in Google Buzz in their list of sharing platforms where they can share there articles. Since Google Buzz in integrated with your Gmail inbox without a separate site – it’s lot… Read more »

Blogger Improvements: Add Image Captions and Faster Video Uploading

Blogger in Draft has recently made couple of improvements in video uploading and text editor. They also introduced new picture caption feature in it’s new text editor. New: Captions to Images Now you can easily add captions to the images you include in your blog posts. To add a caption,… Read more »

5 Best Free Contact Form Services for Your Blog

Contact Form makes it extremely easy for your visitors and readers to contact you directly, without composing a new email message. This not only looks professional but also saves a lot of time for people who want to contact you. If you just put your email address exposed on your… Read more »

6 Best Social Bookmarking Widgets for Blogger Blogs

Social bookmarking sites are a popular way to store, classify, share and search links. In a social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources, which they find useful. These lists are both accessible to the public or a specific network, and other people with similar interests can view the… Read more »

Install Digg, Retweet, Facebook Share & Yahoo! Buzz Sharing Buttons in Blog Posts (Blogger)

Social bookmarking widgets in your blog posts are a quick way to share your articles on social bookmarking sites, that can get traffic and popularity to your blog posts. The best place to install bookmarking buttons is below the post where readers can submit the article easily if they like… Read more »

How to Add/Install a Forum to Blogger/Blogspot Blog

Embedding a forum on a website with static pages is really easy job to do. All you have to do is to create a forum on some third party site, take the generated script and put that in your site on a new blank page. But did you know that… Read more »

Add/Install Simplest jQuery Featured Content Slider in Blogger/Blogspot Blog

By using a jQuery content slider you can show off your blog’s best content on the home page in a beautiful flowing style. Content rotates automatically in these sliders. Previously I bloggerized one of the most beautiful content sliders on web and wrote a simple tutorial here. As promised I’m… Read more »

Simplest JavaScript to Open Popup Window from Plain Text

You can use JavaScript to create popup windows. Popup windows are different to simply opening a new browser window. If you only want to open a new browser window you can add the target=”_blank” attribute within your tag. Popup windows however, are more powerful. Using JavaScript’s method, you can… Read more »

A Revolving 3D Widget to Show Visitors on your Site

While browsing some blogs last night I landed on a blog with a beautiful 3D visitors’ stats widget embedded in the footer. On clicking the widget I was redirected to its site named This attractive widget once embedded in a site, shows all the recent visitors in real time… Read more »

How to Create and Add Static Pages in Blogger/Blogspot Blog

A Great News for all bloggers! now offers the long awaited feature of creating static pages in their blogs. The new feature is still in beta testing mode and working fine through Blogger Draft. finally released publicly. Previously I described a simple method of creating “static pages as a… Read more »

Add Related Posts Widget in Your Blogger Blog to Increase Readers’ Interest

This widgets really helps you in keeping the visitor’s interest in your blog. A reader finds this widgets when he reaches the end of an article. Related posts widgets shows all the posts related to the article currently being read. It actually fetches and shows all other posts with the… Read more »

SEO: Best Meta Tags to Optimize your Blogger Blog

To get a higher rank in search engines, adding meta tags to your blog is the MOST essential thing to do just after you create your blog. Most of the bloggers face low traffic problem with their blogs just because of the missing meta tags in their blog’s template. Meta… Read more »

Install/Add Recent Comments Widget in Blogger Blog

“Recent Comments” Widget shows your Blogger/Blogspot Blog’s recent comments. This widget is one of the important widgets for blogger blog which helps you in viewing recent comments in your blog. Follow the simple steps to install a “Recent Comments” Widget in your blogger blog. 1. Click the button to Add… Read more »

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