11 Apps That You Should Try Before Uninstalling Windows 8!

Windows 8 App
Windows 8 App

If your uninstalling Windows 8, or even thinking to uninstall it, I’ll want you to hold till you read this post about must try apps for Windows 8. If you think that Windows 8 Doesn’t have much stuff to amuse you, I’m here to change your perception, because I changed my perception.Windows 8 is a new stone-laid on the OS platform, it has a fascinating set of features which I have shed light upon in my last post.

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Apart from this, Windows 8 has some great apps.

Must Try Apps For Windows 8

1. MusicTube

MusicTube has become to music what YouTube is for video over the years, MusicTube works just like YouTube, but its integration with Windows 8 feels as if a juke-box is at your home, at a few clicks, you can get the whole list of songs of your required artist right on to your desktop.

must try apps for Windows 8

2. IM+

This one is my favorite, imagine, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Skype and other 15 Chat Services packed in a App, chat/surf at all these with account sign-ins and User Interface which feels good to your eyes, IM+ is one of those must try Apps For Windows 8 which also gives you a rock-solid reason to stay with Windows 8 and its UI.

must try apps for Windows 8

3. Remote Desktop

If you think Remote Desktop is something Old, I agree with you, but, this is worth reading, Remote Desktop integrated in Windows 8 not only has a new revamp look but also it provides you access to your Windows 8 desktop easily on any computer installed with even the previous versions of Microsoft Windows .The Desktops from remote to current machine, can be easily switched to and fro.

must try apps for Windows 8

4. Shazam

We all know Shazam is a very famous App in the Mobile OS area, Shazam coming to Windows 8 not only is a very good gift  to Windows 8 users but it also keeps Windows  8 users parallel to Windows Phone 8 users. If you don’t know whats Shazam, it is an App which enables you to tag the song which you are listening, this gives touch capabilities to Windows 8 machines with touch capabilities.

must try apps for Windows 8

5. TuneIn

I remember that international radio stations are a delight to hear also to mention the benefit it gives if your learning any foriegn language. Tune In is the radio App which gives you dozens of radio channels with different language and genres on your tips.Designed with latest Windows 8 UI, it is a very coveted-app.

must try apps for Windows 8

6. Picasa Gallery

They say images is the machine language of our brain, Picasa Gallery, a Google Service, envisages users with quality photos and abilities to share them intelligently, Windows 8  Picasa Gallery App allows to manage, manipulate, use and experience your Picasa album. The layout compliments Windows 8 UI.

must try apps for Windows 8

7. NetFlix

Netflix Windows 8 App, get you desktop capabilities to stream videos.Its far and wide content will fulfill your needs to enjoy video most of the times.

must try apps for Windows 8

8. Skype

Who doesn’t know Skype, it has changed the way communication was before it evolving in the communications arena, its Windows 8 App is a very good improvement, it not only has great UI but also the new revamp look is appreciated  by people.

must try apps for Windows 8

9. OneNote

OneNote, you might not know this, but this Windows 8 app has very nice features, you can now sort all your notes in separate categories, separate preferences, if you have Windows 8 on a touch device, extended note capabilities allows you to jot-down your points, tabulate them, these are features which help you a lot in fulfilling your tasks intelligently.

must try apps for Windows 8

10. Xbox SmartGlass

If your Xbox fan, Xbox Smart glass is your remote Xbox controller, it will simply allow you to enjoy Xbox with simple connectivity

must try apps for Windows 8

11. Bing

People who love Bing search engine, will get a solid reason to stick to Windows 8, the Search-engine on-board concept gives you ability to search during hassles, queries, trouble-shooting, reminders and gathering information, Bing App is integrated into Windows 8, this is also be a blow to google, but Microsoft has off course got the tip from google integrating its search engine in its generic OS, i.e. Android.

must try apps for Windows 8

These 11 Apps gives you wings, as per surveys, the total fan-count of these apps grinded into one-human being is enough to compel him to use Windows 8 till the launch of next version of Windows OS 🙂